In the healthcare industry, fast, accurate and HIPAA compliant communication is critical. Information efficiency affects admissions and medical records, physician collaboration and instructions, and it influences billing, insurance and payment to providers. It impacts the administrative and clinical workflow, but most of all, it affects your patients. 

At Proficient Health, we create web-based communication solutions exclusively for the healthcare industry. Our software enables hospitals, physicians, therapists and labs to integrate, access and share protected data, in any form - securely, accurately and efficiently. Which in turn, enables them to deliver better care to the patients and families counting on them for the best possible outcome.

We understand the challenges you’re facing, because we’ve faced them too.

Our software solutions are created by healthcare professionals who have extensive experience in hospital administration, information technology and patient support. 

We’ve seen first-hand the confusion, waste, and security risks inherent in paper-based information systems. We know the challenges of integrating incompatible file formats and systems, accessing critical reports, and meeting regulatory requirements. 

So we have dedicated our experience, energy, and skill to create affordable, hard-working software that is readily accessible online and solves these problems. Not only do we ease the difficulty of the challenges faced by many in the healthcare industry, but we go a step further to bring your healthcare enterprise up to full data management speed and compliance. 

Secure, accurate, and efficient process compatibility.

No more lost time with insecure faxes, cluttered paper storage, typing errors or misplaced documents. With Proficient, everything is digital, intuitive and automated. You’ll be able to communicate with everyone, in whichever way is most convenient for you. Whether via memo, documents, reports, attachments, digital imagery, or video, you can rest assured knowing any of your communication will be perfectly compatible and complete with a comprehensive audit trail. 

A suite of products that saves time and money.

Through our workflow diagnostic expertise and product applications, we help healthcare providers protect revenue, optimize their technology investments, and dramatically reduce the mistakes and waste inherent to paper-based systems. 

Our advantage begins by replacing fax-based communication with a faster, more accurate digital solution. Our suite of products removes the opportunity for error by reducing or eliminating manual, labor intensive processes. By simplifying and accelerating document retrieval via a streamlined, patient-centric online system we eliminate paper handling and archiving.

Healthcare software solutions that fit both the largest hospitals and the smallest practices.

Proficient software uses a flexible, cloud-based technology platform that’s infinitely scalable for a broad spectrum of healthcare clients, including:

Affordable solutions with premium results.

When it comes to communication, you need every advantage. Our affordable solutions are web-based and require no hardware investment. You’ll be up and running in a matter of days, not months, with no risk of system downtime.

Our clients are able to improve their profitability by streamlining the cumbersome paperwork associated with billing, scheduling, and recovery audits. They can also collaborate more freely across diverse systems and processes for better-coordinated care, knowing that their information is secure.  

Our unique and proven products provide an essential electronic bridge between systems, departments, facilities, and physicians. By making the exchange of information easy, accurate, and secure, everyone benefits. 

The bottom line is better care.

We offer affordable, secure, HIPAA-compliant solutions that take full advantage of your electronic medical records platform.