Cross the communication divide between internal operational systems, differing provider systems and paper.

As a health insurer, you need a way to quickly and securely receive, process and respond to the clinical, financial and administrative needs of a multitude of different communication partners and systems, including the ones you've invested significant capital in. 

Our proven communication platform complements your existing IT investments and seamlessly integrates your internal paper and electronic workflows while simultaneously supporting the unique workflows of your provider community.

The result:

  • Increased scalability of existing infrastructure.
  • Improved time-to-market provider collaboration strategies. 
  • Easy onboarding of providers participating in specific value-based models.
  • Streamlined administrative and clinical workflows that bridge silo'd information and eliminate redudant processes.

Contact us for a complimentary Workflow Assessment. We're confident we can help you exceed your strategic business initiatives. 

We offer affordable, secure, HIPAA-compliant solutions that take full advantage of your electronic medical records platform.