Post Acute Providers

Make it simple and easy to communicate with your organization prior, during and post treatment. 

As a post acute care provider, your healthcare business depends on referrals and low administrative overhead. Chances are you've invested in an EHR, EMR or other core operational system, but you still manage loads of paper in your office and struggle with tracking your internal and external communication processes. 

Our proven and secure communication platform complements your existing operational system and makes it super easy to capture incoming requests (both electronic and paper), seamlessly route it across your organization for consistent, auditable processing and then close the communication loop with your referring partners. 

Contact us today for a complimentary Workflow Assessment and find out how other post acute care providers have

  • Completely eliminated misplaced orders, referrals and clinican notes
  • Significantly reduced turn around times on collecting and tracking physician signatures
  • Share information instantly across your entire organziation
  • Arm field staff with a secure way to create notes once and access them anywhere, anytime. 
We offer affordable, secure, HIPAA-compliant solutions that take full advantage of your electronic medical records platform.