Proficient Health Executive Team

With over 100 years of combined experience in the healthcare IT space, the Proficient Health team has a deep understanding of what constitutes a successful implementation of a solution. From the beginning of any customer engagement, we focus on understanding the customer’s strategic business goals, the real and perceived obstacles that block the achievement of those goals and how our software may or may not be the right solution for attaining those goals. Unlike some healthcare IT vendors, we’re genuinely committed to simplifying and improving teamwork and communication within and between healthcare organizations. As such, we qualify our prospects not just on the size of the potential revenue we may gain, but also, on their readiness to implement and use our solution. In other words, we value the integrity of our brand, reputation and success of our customers more than the mere closing of a contract. Take some time to meet our executive team.

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We offer affordable, secure, HIPAA-compliant solutions that take full advantage of your electronic medical records platform.