Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital

Bon Secours Achieves Breakthrough Performance with Proficient Health Referral Management Solution

The Challenge

Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital in Greenville, S.C., offers “concierge” services designed to improve the patient experience. As physician orders are faxed to the hospital, a Patient Access team handles precertifications and proactively calls each patient to schedule services. This turn-key support improves patient and physician satisfaction and helps to ensure that Bon Secours is paid for the procedures performed. At the time of its launch, the popular program used a cumbersome, paper-based process, though, and administrators looked for a more efficient approach.

The Solution

Bon Secours St. Francis adopted a Proficient Orders solution from Proficient Health that automatically converts faxed and paper-based orders into electronic files that are easy to track, access and share. Each document is stored online for ready access, 24 hours a day. Team members simply log into a secure, Web-based portal to review and index orders, to schedule procedures and to export the information to the hospital’s electronic medical records (EMR) platform. Documents can be readily accessed online when the patient arrives. No scanning or faxing is required.  

The Results

Studies conducted by the Premier Inc. healthcare alliance show the Bon Secours St. Francis Patient Access team is now operating at nearly twice the productivity level of other allied hospitals. Only 10 full-time equivalent employees manage the same volume of work that other hospitals need 19.75 employees to accomplish. The benefits include:

  • A labor productivity advantage of 196 percent
  • Labor cost savings of more than $360,000 annually
  • A total return on the annual investment in Proficient Health services in less than two weeks 
  • Elimination of paper storage and shredding – and associated HIPAA concerns
  • Ability to export electronic records easily via email or fax

“We take pride in being a ‘best practice’ organization and credit the team at Proficient Health for the support they’ve provided. They have been wonderful to work with, and the transition to their service has been a piece of cake.  Now other departments are taking notice and are planning to adopt the same paperless approach.”  
Toni Brady, Director, Patient Access & Coordination of Care
Bon Secours St. Francis Health System

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