Proficient Health One of Only 18 Companies Nationwide to Be Certified by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid as an Electronic Health Information Handler

Certification enables medical providers to save time and money by submitting medical information to auditors over the Internet

GREENSBORO, N.C. – April 18, 2013 – Today Proficient Health, a privately held company specializing in information technology solutions for the healthcare industry, announced it has become one of only 18 companies in the nation – and the first in North Carolina – to be certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as an electronic health information handler (HIH).

The certification enables hospitals and other providers to use the company’s services to submit medical documentation to auditors over the Internet. Medical recovery auditors reviewing CMS claims to prevent improper payments currently issue more than a million requests for information annually. Responses often involve hundreds or thousands of pages of documentation, which are typically shipped in paper form or transmitted by fax.

Proficient Health’s newly certified HIH services will eliminate those cumbersome paper-based audit processes. Using a simple Web-based interface, health providers can select and upload electronic medical records or other scanned documents and submit them securely and privately online at the click of a mouse. Electronic time and date stamps will verify that a response is delivered in advance of the audit deadline.

Since Proficient HIH services are Web-based, there is no software to install and maintain. That means medical providers using the service can be up and running as soon as login credentials are established.

In a recent demonstration at Carteret General Hospital in Morehead, N.C., it took hospital staffers only minutes to get acquainted with the Proficient HIH Gateway, compile an audit response and successfully submit the information to auditors.

“Today health providers find it tough to manage the cumbersome paperwork associated with audits and to reply promptly so claims aren’t denied and payments aren’t recouped,” said Robb Hutchison, CEO of Proficient Health. “Submitting audit responses online takes much of the pain out of the process. Our solution makes it faster and easier to build an audit response, route the information to medical recovery audit contractors and establish an audit trail that verifies and documents on-time delivery.”

For more information on Proficient HIH services, contact Proficient Health at or 336.389.6600, ext. 722.

Proficient Health is a strategic business partner of the North Carolina Hospital Association.

About Proficient Health

Proficient Health is a healthcare information technology company using software to turn cumbersome, paper-based processes into an efficient flow of information. Our affordable, online services connect physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers – helping them gather data on strategic trends, improve service and care delivery, drive down costs, speed reimbursement and get more out of their electronic medical records platform.