Proficient Health Welcomes Steve Peterson

In late 2016, Steve Peterson, Chief Technology Officer. joined the Proficient Health team. Steve is responsible for development, operations and quality assurance for our Proficient Health technology platform. Our clients benefit from his extensive experience in producing highly scalable software as a service (SaaS) solutions for the healthcare market.  

Steve previously was VP of enterprise architecture for Medfusion, a leader in patient portals, patient-centric medical records and patient payment solutions.  He also was cofounder and chief technology officer for ProviderLink, a company offering web-enabled tools to help healthcare providers using paper records to exchange information seamlessly with partners using electronic systems.  When ProviderLink was purchased by Compuware’s Covisint subsidiary, Steve joined the company to direct product development, testing and operations for both ProviderLink and Covisint’s  Nationwide Health Information Network.

Before moving into the healthcare technology arena, Steve founded InterAdNet, a company offering a SaaS platform for tracking, analyzing and optimizing Internet advertising.  He also worked as a software architect for Nortel’s Bell Northern Research, where he gained extensive experience with real-time, fault-tolerant architectures.