Proficient Capture & Exchange

End the paper chase by instantly capturing paper-based information online.

With Proficient Capture, we forward your existing fax lines and immediately faxed information is captured in a simple to use web-based application. Immediately you are able to sort and file data, confirm receipt, request additional information, and manage your workflow through an easy-to-navigate menu.  Those piles of paperwork are routinely transformed into neatly organized data files that are easily accessible to you when and where you need them.
Additionally, data is easily exported into your electronic medical records platform to become part of a master patient record.

Key Features:

  • Quick indexing of inbound documents
  • Documents and messages organized by patient
  • Customizable workflows to fit your organization
  • Extensive audit trail and audit trail search
  • Completely customizable naming conventions, statuses and labels
  • Support for multiple inbound file formats
  • Support for HL7, file transfer and web services
  • Robust REST API

Start organizing your patient information today, with Proficient Capture!  

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