Proficient Services

Let us solve your unique data and workflow challenges.

If your healthcare organization is like most, you’re struggling with competing priorities. An overwhelming amount of new regulations and reporting requirements demand your attention at the very time you’re trying to streamline your administrative processes and reduce overall costs.  

Our skilled Proficient Health professionals can help you to balance out these potentially paralyzing tasks by integrating efficiency based technology to automate, report and organize your business. With Proficient Health Services you’ll be able to respond to an ever-shifting healthcare landscape, all while driving down costs. 

The Proficient Health Service suite encompasses a variety of software and service solutions designed specifically for your business needs, including:

Consulting services to analyze your workflow and recommend best practices that will boost efficiency.

Custom interface development so you can export information from a Proficient Health solution directly into your electronic medical records platform, without unwieldy rekeying.

Custom reports to help you analyze data captured by your Proficient Health solution, and serving as a guide to investment decisions, strategic planning, and marketing initiatives.

Advanced custom training services to help you develop a team of “power users” to get the most out of your Proficient Health investment.
Web-based forms that help you to overcome the challenges of incompatible systems allowing you to capture and integrate information from any source.

If you're ready to start cutting costs, saving time, and guaranteeing the security of your documents, call Proficient Health!