Accountable Care Organizations

Proficient Health offers comprehensive referral management solutions that help ACOs achieve shared savings by ensuring network utilization. Our solutions make it easy to generate and manage patient referrals and to share relevant patient records across all of your ACO practices, regardless of the EHR systems used.

Key Goals:

  • Streamline and standardize the in-network patient referral process.
  • Reduce costs through improved workflow efficiency.
  • Improve patient care coordination.
  • Reduce referrals made to out-of-network providers.

Key Benefits:

  • New dashboard reporting. Proficient Health offers comprehensive reporting capabilities at both the practice and community level, including summary and deep-dive details. You can easily track the volume and source of referrals, referral status, duration between various stages of the referral process, leakage rates and reasons for referrals being sent out of your network.
  • Improve care coordination. Since all practices in your ACO will be linked by Proficient Health, patient movement can be tracked by all involved in the care.
  • Improve network awareness. All providers sending referrals will have the most current list of in-network providers as referrals are created, reducing the likelihood that patients will be mistakenly sent to out-of-network practices.
  • Reduce on-hold time. The need to phone referral sources for signatures, missing notes and appointment times is over! With our solution, you can easily track the status of a referral right from your computer.
  • Eliminate paper-based processes. Many practices still rely on paper to bridge the technology divide. With our solution no faxing, copying or scanning is required.
We offer affordable, secure, HIPAA-compliant solutions that take full advantage of your electronic medical records platform.