Why Faxes are a Good Thing!


Everyone seems to want to get rid of them, but should we? Although we’ve made great strides toward interoperability with the development of health IT standards and protocols like HL7, Direct and FHIR, we still have a long way to go. 

In the meantime, effective communication is critical to your ability to gain and maintain market share. Healthcare businesses that thrive must support both electronic and paper-based workflows (aka faxes). 

Download the "Why Faxes are a Good Thing" ebook today! 

You'll learn:

The most common communication gaps experienced by healthcare organizations across the care continuum.

Why one Gartner analyst said, "fax is the standard beat" in 2009 and why it's still true today.

The #1 question to ask when considering an investment in a fax management software solution or secure messaging module offered by your core operational system vendor.

Download the "Why Faxes are a Good Thing" ebook today! It's your ultimate guide to making faxes your friend not your enemy.

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